The ENDOTEQ 1940 is an exciting new option for your users due to extra high water absorption, higher than 1470nm.  

The ENDOTEQ 1470 is our top surgical platform. The ENDOTEQ 1470 is a suitable for various key indications in proctology, spine, general surgical and dermatology. The peak of water absorption at 1470nm enables precise cutting with good coagulation of soft tissue. As a result of this unique tissue absorption, procedures can be completed at lower energy dosages leading to less thermal trauma and better healing.

The ENDOTEQ 980 is a cutting edge all purpose surgical tool for a wide scope of clinical applications. The 980nm wavelength has almost equal absorption in water and blood. This system features safe and effective treatment of many conditions; from treatment of spider veins, through EVLA and PLDD treatments, to Laser Assisted Lipolysis.

The ENDOTEQ 1064 is the tool of choice for your podiatry practice. The system is the optimal tool for nail fungus and wart treatment in the clinic or office.